Stand Tall With Starr

Stand Tall with Children. Stand Tall with Communities. Stand Tall with Starr.

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We Believe in Every Child

At Starr, we believe that every child is a success story waiting to be told. We are asking you today to Stand Tall With Starr and help us bring out the success in all children.

Together, we can build resilience in children, families and communities.

Together, we can uncover and share the greatness that is within all us.

Together, we can create a healthy future for all.

Why Give to Starr?

  • Cal Lehman - "I just hope I can give something back."
  • Beverly Milner - "I read about Starr's work, and I just thought Floyd Starr was a great man. I thought that was a place I'd like to help."
  • Frank Zanetti - "Starr takes in kids who need an opportunity. They really see that there is value in everyone and direct them to where their talents lie."
  • Norman Nugent - "It's not until later in life that you realize how much this place does for people."

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